Dr. Yashu Kauffman received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on cognition, motivation, and evidence-based data analysis to foster learning and improve organizational effectiveness. Currently, she works in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA as an Assessment Program Manager. In  this newly reconfigured role, she establishes, leads, and manages a broad  assessment program that enables the services, the research, and the learning  series to use systematic approaches and data-driven results for the strategic  planning and decision making. She previously served as a Director of Learning  Design, a key member of the founding leadership team, at the Nexford University (NXU, a new international online university founded in November, 2017). Prior to  NXU, she served as a Director of Assessment and Evaluation at the MIT American  Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics Academy, where she established  and implemented nation-wide workforce training and assessed workforce needs and  educational program effectiveness. Prior positions at MIT also include  instructing in the Teaching and Learning Lab and instructional design and  assessment for the MIT Skoltech Initiative (a new research university in  Moscow).


Dr. Alla  Belousova is the Chair of Psychology of Education and Organizational  Psychology, Don State Technic University, Rostov-on-Don, and the Head of Psychology of Education and Organizational Psychology Chair, from 2017 till now. She is also Academy of Psychology and Pedagogy, Southern Federal University, Rostov on  Don, Russia, and the Head of Psychology of Education Chair. Her research  focuses on Cognitive Science, Psychology of Thinking, Psychological Systems, Collaborative Thinking Activity, Style of Thinking, Psychology of Education, and  Personality. She has been teaching in the university for 30 years. As for Honors and Awards, she obtains Certificate  of Honor of the Ministry of the General and Professional Education of the  Russian Federation; merit button badge "Honorary Worker of Higher  Education of the Russian Federation"


Dr. Olga  Fedotova is the Head of Department of Primary Education, Don State  Technical University, Russia, and Professor of Department of Pedagogy and  Education Sciences, Southern Federal University, Russia. Meanwhile, she is the Chairman  of the Joint Dissertation Council, N 999.027.02, opened at the Southern Federal  University, and the North Caucasus Federal University. Her research focuses on General  pedagogy, Comparative pedagogy, History of pedagogy, Methodology of pedagogical  research, Theory of pedagogy, Adult education, Education of schoolchildren,  Pedagogical psychology, General psychology. She got the certificate of Honor of the Ministry of the General and Professional Education of the Russian  Federation.


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